Although I often write music from a personal perspective, I write music to tell stories, sometimes fictional, sometimes based on brief encounters with 7/11 employees, sometimes written in sensory deprivation tanks. These are stories that I want to use to promote things I believe in, and things I want to see changed in this world and sometimes these stories are just used as entertainment, like a four minute movie.

I grew up living in a few different cultures (South Africa, France, UK) and it became obvious that music was glue for people in times of change. During Apartheid, music was used as a tool to lift spirits and spread information both from within and outside South Africa to inform the world of what was going on and how they could move towards stopping it. Music and movement, (whether that is social, political, environmental or anything else) cannot be split from one another, yet somehow it seems, in the current musical climate, that the music that reaches the most people is used as a tool to feed greed and power, to increase consumerism and to sell sex, misogyny, and other things that just don't click to me.

That's about it for now, if you want to talk about these kinds of things, send me an email, I'm always happy to have conversations with people who hold any & all perspectives.


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