James Maddock & David immergluck


Photo credit:  Tony Andolfi

Photo credit: Tony Andolfi


A Tale of two countries

“James Maddock is one of rock’s best kept secrets. An Englishman in New York: he moved to the East Cost a decade ago and he never went back. His music sounds american, as he was born there - pure, clear songwriting in the vein of Bruce Springsteen.

He debuted in the early noughties leading Wood, then came back later as a solo artist, releasing a couple of records (“Sunrise on avenue C” and “Wake up and dream”), as well as a couple of live albums recorded at NY’s Redwood Hall, where he's almost a resident artist.

He’s been touring both with his band and with David Immergluck - guitarist and mandolinist with Counting Crows (and in the past with Cracker, John Hiatt among the others). The duo renamed themselves Jimmy & Immy and have been touring together for a year, releasing also a live album. We saw them for the second time in a year in Milan, at Nidaba Club. And should they ever pass near your town, go see them too. You could discover one of today’s best “classic” songwriters - with a soulful, graspy, Rod Stewart-like voice.”

Except taken from Rockol.com, 2012

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