So much love for the @underwatersunshinefest family. What an amazing weekend. I feel like this is getting more rare. A festival only based on the music. Not based on Spotify streams or social media likes etc etc. Just based on Underwater Sunshine folks creating & curating a festival of amazing music & experience. Love it. Thanks to the underwater sunshine crew, Adam, @countingcrows, @jamescampion, & @ehud_lazin (who we just want to hang out with all day) for letting us be a part of your beautiful creation.
— Red Wanting Blue
we’re gonna announce some fun stuff soon but in the meantime I want to send one more extremely sincere shout out to @CountingCrows and @UnderwaterSuns for being so kind and welcoming in an industry where people too often aren’t those things, it was a rejuvenating experience!
— Wilder Maker
Thank you @CameronMcGill for the most real, raw and inspiring tonight @underwaterSuns I felt it all.
— @aussie135
From the moment we got there, Adam and everyone else were so welcoming and kind. Many of the people we met knew of our music already and they made me feel so seen and heard. I felt comfortable immediately. There was an instant sense of familiarity and family.
— Roan Yellowthorn
Well, that was an insanely special evening. We have all the feels. Thank you to the entire family @underwatersunshinefest, @countingcrows, @kwmullins, @jamescampion, and every single person in @theboweryelectric for making it happen.
— Fort Frances
Yesterday was a really special day. Adam is a songwriter I’ve loved since I was a kid. And to be a part of such a beautifully curated FREE festival, that’s put on by some incredibly hard-working folks, was a rate and beautiful experience. The goal of the festival was to create community and provide support and I certainly felt that both while playing and attending. It’s inspiring to meet your heroes, but it’s even more inspiring when they are thoughtful and committed to helping and sharing smaller artists’ work. Thanks @countingcrows and @underwatersunshinefest for a perfect day. I’m sleepy and happy.
— Petal
This isn’t like getting a gig, it’s like getting adopted.
— Wilder Maker
At times I feel like there is so much narcissism & selfishness in the entertainment business, so i want to share something that really inspired me. This past weekend i took my first vacation in 5 years. My friend invited me to hang at a music festival he organizes in New York City. His name is Adam Duritz & he’s the front man for one of my favorite bands, Counting Crows. Adam & his friends put on a semi-annual 4 day & night music festival for the soul purpose of supporting independent artists. The whole thing is free. Adam is literally there all day every day, from beginning to end (like 11am to midnight) introducing & watching each act. So many of these musicians look up to him, & he cheers them all on with genuine contagious enthusiasm. He even goes so far as to buy merch from all the acts to give away to the crowds. I can honestly say I have never seen something so selfless from someone in his position. He doesn’t perform at this show. Other than introducing the acts, he just blends in with the crowds & watches like a little kid at his first concert. He spends a huge amount of time, work, & money on this, for the sheer love of music & supporting other artists.
— Kate Quigley